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Q. Can an all men team register?

A. Yes, but they would not participate in the official category of the race. They would be in an unofficial, male-only category.

Q. And could a team in which all 4 components are females register?

A. Yes, but they would not participate in the official category of the race. They would be in an unofficial, female-only category.

Q. Could teams of couples register?


Q. Do you plan to create a list of runners so teams that lack a component can go?

A. YES. In this link yo can sign up

We have also opened a forum on facebook on the Raid Gallaecia Discussion Group site, where teams can interact with each other to search for components.

Q. If a companion came with the team (media), will there be places set up by the organization during the race for these people?

A. YES, our official Balaena agency will make an offer for escorts.


Q. What day is the first team scheduled to finish the race?

A. Well, it is expected that the first team will take about 94 hours, as the start is on Sunday, October 3 at 12:00 in the morning, the first team will arrive on Thursday, October 7 at around 2 pm.

Q. How long do I have to complete the race?

A. 168 hours.

Q. Is there a short course?

A. NO, the teams must follow the same route. The race is designed for all teams to complete the course. In case of skipping a CP, the team can continue in the race, but the classification will show that from that CP the team will continue in a separate classification.

For the teams that do not complete all the cps, there will not be a classification by points or with a cps valuation, but from the first CP they miss, it will be understood that they have given up the general route, so they will always be defeated by a team that gives up later, even if it takes longer to finish.

There will be various time cuts in some transitions. These cuts will be long and are calculated for twice the time of the best estimated time. In case of not arriving on time in these cuts, the teams could continue in the race, but they will enter another classification from that cut-off and will be transported to another transition or race place so that they can continue. This transport will be done when the organization considers it appropriate or has the means to carry out this transport.


Q. Will the temperature be cold?

A. October is one of the most unpredictable months of the year in Galicia. In theory one of the most temperate. We have had months of October with high temperatures 17-25 degrees and others, such as 2020 with temperatures in race zones between 9 and 19 degrees. It is very difficult to have temperatures below 10 degrees, and it is also very difficult to have temperatures over 22-23 degrees. But 10 degrees with rain, it will be a cold enough wind chill to have to wear warm. We can expect anything in Galicia in October, within an order. It may or may not rain, there may be a low-temperate or warm temperature.


Q. Is it possible to buy a Bike Box from the event?

A. NO.

Q. Can cardboard boxes be used as bike boxes?

A. NO. The box measurements are the stipulated for the ARWS (140 cm x80 cm x30 cm) and must be made of waterproof material since some of the transitions could be outside.

Q. What is the maximum weight of the bike box to be transported by the organization during the race?

A. 35 kg

Q. What is the maximum weight of the kayak bag?

A. There is no weight limit, but it only has to contain the paddles of the 4 components of the equipment, life jackets, glow sticks and whistle.

Q. Is it possible 

Q. Is it possible for the for the organization to provide me with a life jacket for the sections that require it?


Q. Is it possible for the organization to provide paddles for the rowing sections?

A. NO.

Q. Is it mandatory to use the trolleys in the portages that may exist in the kayak section?

A. YES. The use of trolleys is necessary because there are quite long kayak ports. 2 trolleys per team. These portages could cause injuries in athletes when carrying the full weight of the kayaks and material during these sections.organization to provide flares to runners, since they cannot be carried on the plane?

A. For now, the use of flares will not be necessary as mandatory material. If in the end we consider this material as mandatory, they will be sold by the organization to the participants.

Q. Is the use of leggings mandatory?

A. YES. In those sections that the Raid Book indicates so.

Q. And can they be replaced by a long, thick sock up to the knee?


Q. Do I have to wear an additional inner layer of clothing if I already wear an inner layer during the race?

A. NO.

Q. Does it count as an inner layer of clothing a cycling jersey and cuffs or cycling shorts and legs?


Q. Can another member of the team carry my backpack?

A. YES. But each competitor must always wear their race bib and a whistle.

Q. Will there be packraft in the race?

A. NO.

Q. Can I put food in the bike box or kayak bag?

A. NO.


There will be $ 50,000 in prizes distributed as follows:

Winning team: $ 25,000

Second: $ 12,000

Third: 7000

Fourth: 4000

Fifth: 2000

There will be more prizes coming from sponsors.


Q. can I sign up as a volunteer for the Adventure Racing World Championship?

A. You can sign up as a volunteer in this link . In this form all the necessary data will be collected and everything that is offered to anyone who wants to be part of the ARWC2021 will be informed.

Institucional sponsors:



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