Update 2015/05/05

Here you have a final update about the race, which will start in just a week!

Kayak and canyoning bag

We have informed that you’ll need 1 team bag for kayak and canyoning: you should use it to pack all the stuff that you may need for sections of kayak (life vest, seats/backrests,…) and canyoning (wetsuits, harnesses,…) and it will also be limited to a weight of 30kg

In one section of kayak, you’ll have to carry this bag with you on the boat, since at the end of kayak, you will have to leave there all the kayak material, and suit the neoprene for the canyoning. Therefore, we recommend that this bag is foldable and easy to carry in your kayak.

From this moment to the end of the race, you won’t have this bag again.

At the end of the canyoning, you will go to a transition and you’ll find there your personal bags, and you must leave your neoprenes inside them. So, we recommend that you’ll have some type of bag to put the neoprene inside before include it in your personal bag, avoiding to get wet the rest of your material (for example, you can use the watertight bag you have used in the canyoning).

New mandatory equipment: reflective vest

Due to spanish traffic laws, it will be mandatory that during all the race, between the sunrise untill the sunset, to wear a reflective vest similar to the one in this image

Bag’s transfer from start point to finish line

The organization could transport a bag by team (it will be a bag different of any other used in the race), from Cuntis to Santiago. The purpose of this is allow you to have some clothes to get dressed after finish the race. This bag must be requested on finish line, and should be identified with one card that staff will give you at check-in.

Participants’s transfer from Santiago to Cuntis

The participants that may have left their cars on start point at Cuntis, and need a transfer from Santiago to go for them, could be transported by organization staff.

Sections information

The raid will be composed of 12 sections, with the following disciplines and distances:

  • 3 treking sections of 16, 20 and 52km.
  • 3 MTB sections of 30, 60 and 68km.
  • 1 kayak section of 23km
  • 1 mixed section with MTB (59km) + treking (14km) + foot orienteering (6km)
  • 1 mixed section with kayak (45km) + treking (12km)
  • 1 mixed section with treking (35km) + foot orienteering (6km)
  • 1 mixed section with MTB (54km) + foot orienteering (7km)
  • 1 canyoning section of 4km

Race tracking using Live! platform

Raid Gallaecia organization will provide a plataform to allow to any person with internet access, follow all race details in real time, having the following features:

  • Read each team information
  • Read each stage information
  • Read each piece of news and summaries that staff will publish during the race
  • View each video summary that will be generated daily
  • View all photo albumns of the race
  • Integration with social network profiles both from organization and participant teams
  • Possibility of sending messages to participants at any time in order to encourage them. These messages will be available to read by teams in some transition
  • GPS live tracking with Tracktherace.com technology:
    • Each team will be carrying a GPS device that will be periodically reporting its position
    • With this positioning information, a map view will be rendered, showing each team exact position
    • In this map view, also could be shown the race checkpoints and transitions
    • It will be possible to overlap on Google Maps, the same exact maps that the teams will be using in the race, allowing to analize their navigation decissions and comparing it with other teams courses
    • It will be also possible to review the race status at each moment from the start, allowing to perform an accelerated play back of the race, showing all information and allowing to know when a team have passed other, or when a team decided to stop to sleep. This play back will be also available after the race finish, so participants will have the oportunity to review their race days after the finish.
    • You can check an example of this race view here
  • The address where this live platform will be available will be released the same day of check-in (Monday 11th of May), due to lots of information in this Live page, will be also in the raidbook, and will be secret untill this moment.
  • You could also follow the race status in all our press partners:
  • And finally, also the Galician TV will be publishing a daily summary coverage.
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