Update 2015/04/01

In a few days we will enter in the last month before the race and both the organization and the racers have less and less time for finishing the race preparations, so let’s not waste more time and let’s go for it.
Here we’re sending you some reminders and further information about the race:


Firstly, we would like to remind you that the end of the registrations period is very near (it will end on April 15th). So, those teams who have not yet formalized their registration, don’t leave it to the last minute and complete your registration as soon as possible at the page: https://tracktherace.com/en/raid-gallaecia-2015

The teams that still have some component to be confirmed in their registration, please don’t forget that you also have to complete this information before the registration period ends.

Finally, for those who are still thinking whether register for the race or not… do not hesitate more and don’t let this opportunity pass. We are working on an awesome race that will surprise all of you and we are sure that you will be charmed by the adventure that you will live and how you will be treated both by the organization and by the people of our land.

Bike boxes:

One reminder more for those of you interested in buying the bikes boxes that are going to be ordered from the organization. In order to get them, you must register in the following hidden tracktherace event that has been explicitly created to do this bike boxes order:


Here you can fill your team name, select the number of boxes that you want and finally you have to make the payment using a credit card.
The deadline for the completion of this order was until the end of March 31st, but we will increase slightly this period until the end of next Sunday April 5th. After this date no more orders will be accepted because on April 6th we will make the order to the supplier.

Live page:

In our last update we asked you to send us some information about your teams to complete the team page for the race’s live page. The truth is that very few teams have sent it to us, so we would like to ask your captains again to spend some minutes and send us an email to raidgallaecia@gmail.com with the information required:

  • Team photo
  • Each team member photo
  • A small piece of text describing your team (up to 150-200 words), where you may tell us a little more about you, your race aspirations, best results on other races or other curiosities that you would like to tell to the page followers
  • Link to the team facebook page
  • Link to the team twitter page

Kit list:

As you know from previous newsletters, in order to transport your material, each team must prepare a set of bags and bike boxes. Here we’re adding a little more information about the limits that will have to fit these packs:

  • 4 bike boxes: you can fill them with clothes, race gear and the food that you want, but each of them is limited to the standard ARWS size (140cm x 80cm x 30cm) and a maximum weight of 32kg
  • 4 personal bags: you can also fill them with your personal kit and the food that you want but each of them also will be limited to a maximum weight of 30kg
  • 1 team bag for kayak and canyoning: you should use it to pack all the stuff that you may need for sections of kayak (life vest, seats/backrests, paddles,… ) and canyoning (wetsuits, harnesses, …) and it will also be limited to a weight of 30kg
  • If your paddles can’t be splited in two parts, you can leave them to us outside of the previous bag, but in this case all the paddles of your team must be perfectly joined so they don’t get separated in their transport
  • Finally, those who bring the two trolleys to transport the kayaks, will be able to leave them to the organization separated from all the other packs and will be transported by the organization directly to the beginning of the section where they will be needed

Airport arrivals:

The teams that fly to the airport of Santiago de Compostela, will be picked up by the organization and driven to Cuntis, the village where the pre-race concentration will be held.

To organize this in the best way, we need that you notify us the arrival times of your flights to Santiago de Compostela on May 10th and the departure times on May 17th. Therefore we would like to ask you to send us as soon as possible an email to raidgallaecia@gmail.com with the subject “Airport Transfers” and specify your team name and your arrival and departure times. We will contact you later to inform you about the exactly times at which we will pick up each team.

This is everything for now. We keep working!!
Best regards

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