Update 2015/03/10

We are sending you a new update on the race with some information that we are sure that will be of interest for you 😉

Kit list:

As promised, in this update we are publishing the list of mandatory equipment for the race. You can access through the following link:

Mandatory Kit

Our list is based on the standard ARWS one but we have removed some items not needed and added some others that will be specifically mandatory for our race. In the linked document you can see all the information and the detailed description of each item.
You will see on the list that we have added two optional items but, from our point of view, they will be highly recommended for your comfort in the race (these items are the seats/backrests for kayaking and a couple of trolleys to carry your kayaks by land).

Bike boxes:

After consulting you in our previous update in order to find out who would be interested in buying the bike boxes, we have received your feed back through different media and we know that there is a good set of people who would be interested in them. So, eventually, an order is going to be done (as we had advanced, each bike box will cost 65€).

We have created a hidden event on tracktherace.com that will be used in order to manage the bike boxes payments and thus confirm definitively that you are interested in them. In this event you can select the number of boxes that you want and also pay them (this payment has to be made by credit card). The link of this event is the following one:

Bike Boxes Payments

You will be able to order the boxes from today until the end of March as deadline (2015/03/31 24:00:00) (those who don’t make the payment before the deadline won’t be able to get more bike boxes from us on time).

Please, try to use the same team name you used in the main event when you make your bike boxes’ order so we can easily associate whose each order is. Later, the boxes will be available to be picked up by the team in the race headquarters when you make the team registration.

Race course:

We use this update to advance more information about the distances and sections that will compose the race. Here you have a short summary of the number of sections and distances that you will have to face:

  • Trekking: 150 kms distributed in 4 sections
  • BTT: 290 kms distributed in 4 sections
  • Kayak: 65 kms distributed in 2 sections
  • Canyoning: 2,5 kms in just 1 section

By other hand, we can advance as well that the finishing line of the race will be in Santiago de Compostela. The site of pilgrimage par excellence and symbol of the “Camino de Santiago” and Galicia. Can you think of any other place to end your adventure? You’ll surely remember forever the moment when you crossed the finishing line and were finishers of this race

Live page:

We are also working on the development of the race live coverage page where your relatives, friends and all fans of adventure racing around the world will be able to follow all the race details… gps tracking, classification, news, information of each stage of the race and also the information about the teams that will be racing on the event.

That’s why we would like to ask you to send us a some more information of your team to add to this page:

  • Team photo
  • Each team member photo
  • A small piece of text describing your team (up to 150-200 words), where you may tell us a little more about you, your race aspirations, best results on other races or other curiosities that you would like to tell to the page followers
  • Link to the team facebook page
  • Link to the team twitter page

This is everything for now. We keep working!!
Strength for your workouts!

Best regards

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