Update 2015/02/08

We’re already in February and it is less than three months for the start of the great race that we are creating for you. We are working hard every day so that we don’t miss any piece of the puzzle, and here we write a new update so that you are aware of the progress:


First, we would like to remind you that next Tuesday, February 10th, is the last day to confirm your registration with the reduced price, so don’t miss the opportunity to save some money making the payment before Tuesday ends.
If you haven’t still closed completely your team, don’t worry, you can confirm now the registration of the team (although you don’t insert the data of the four components) and later on you can make changes until some weeks before the event.

Facebook group:

We would like to remind you as well that we have created a facebook group for everyone interested in the race, both for those already enrolled as for those thinking on registering. The purpose of this group is that you share your opinions regarding equipment for the race, that you ask about your doubts, etc, so that beginners are able to search for advices from the more experienced ones.
We also know that there are many teams that haven’t yet registered because they haven’t found the female member for the team. We encourage these teams to use this group to share their situation and thus take into contact with women who may be interested in coming to the race. We also encourage women who would like to come to the Raid Gallaecia to also join this group and tell us their interest in running, so that these teams can be completed.


Transition Areas:

We continue closing the course details and we are confident that the places that you will visit will impress you with the beauty of our land.
Within the work of defining the race course, we are also paying close attention to the location of the transition areas. We can anticipate that most of them will be located in urban areas where you will be able to use the local sports centers, where teams can make the transitions and take some time to rest and sleep (those who need it 😛 ).

In most of these transition areas the organization will provide you cold and hot water. This water can be used to fill in your containers or cups (for example to prepare some coffee) and also to put in your dehydrated food, but you won’t be allowed to cook food in it.

In some of the transition areas you may also have some surprises and find something to eat, thanks to the collaboration of the villages where the race will go through.

Regardless of what the organization can provide you, it will be normal that you can find some pubs and/or supermarkets (where you can get something to eat) near to the transition zones, as they will be located on urban areas.


We have planned two kayak sections in this edition of the raid and the kayaks that we will use are “sit on tops” .

We are still closing agreements with the company that will provide us the kayaks, but we hope that we will use Perception Gemini Kayaks. Right now, the backrests for this kayaks won’t be supplied, so the teams that wish to use them will have to bring their own ones. The backrests won’t be a mandatory kit of the race but we encourage you to bring them because you will have to stay a lot of time on the kayaks and your backs will be grateful .

Kit list:

In the next update, we will try to attach the final mandatory kit list. As we advanced, it will be based on the standard list of the ARWS but there will be some things that will be removed from the list and others that we will have to add, as the following: neoprene with long legs and sleeves, 4 carabiners, 2 sewn slings, a figure eight, long gloves and climbing helmet.

Regarding the bike boxes, as we advanced you in the previous update, we’ve been looking for a supplier that gives us a special price to get boxes adapted to the standard measures of ARWS bike boxes, that are built of a light material and that not are destroyed in contact with the water (as would happen with normal cardboard box). Up to now , we have got a better offer of 65 € per box if we would send an order of a big number of boxes.
We will continue working to get a better offer, but right now we would like to know who would be interested in purchasing these boxes at the price of 65 € in order to know if we could reach the minimum number of boxes to get that price. We are going to open a discussion on the facebook group in this issue.

This is all for now. Luck with your trainings!!
We go on working 😉
Best regards!

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